Values & Ethos

Having a vision for the school means having a goal for the future and undertaking a journey towards that goal.  Everything we do as a school should lead us a step closer to out vision.

At Carville, we want :

  • Children and families to recognise the vital role of learning in shaping the world of their future

  • Every day to be a learning adventure which builds on children's natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning

  • Children to take responsibility for the choices they make

  • Children to be confident, independent, creative thinkers

  • Respect for ourselves and each other to be central to everything we do

  • Every decision we take to have a positive impact on children's learning

  • Every member of our school community to feel safe and valued 

Through this, in close partnership with home and the wider community, we believe we will prepare children to enjoy a life-time of learning.