Services for Families

Public Health School Nurses (PHSN)


THE PHSN will promote;


  • Height and Weight measurement in reception and Year 6 (NCMP)

  • Audiovisual Screening in Reception.

  • Promote healthy lifestyle in relation to diet, physical activity, mental health and wellbeing.

  • Promote positive and effective sex and relationship education in school.

The PHSN team are happy to receive referral’s for your child which may include;


  • General Health

  • Bedwetting

  • Weight concerns

  • Hearing and Vision

  • Emotional Health and Well Being

Referrals can be made via the school or directly to the PHSN.


Wallsend Children’s Community

Carville Primary School is a member of the Wallsend Children’s Community. The core principles:

  • Create a co-ordinated chain of support for children that runs from birth to early childhood and spans all contexts of their lives, specifically education, health and emotional well-being, employment, social relations and personal development, self-empowerment  and material well-being

  • Focus on a coherent place that make sense locally

  • Involve a wide range of partners to work jointly and under common strategy (e.g. education, health, social care, police, civil society, local business)

  • Base this strategy on a deep local analysis and robust, continuous evaluation

Partner schools have agreed their key priorities over the next five years:

  • Getting things right early

  • Being Fit for Life                                                                              

  • Increased Community Resilience

Wallsend Action For Youth - WAFY

A charity supporting young people in the Wallsend area 

through community engagement, charitable funding and 

activity provision.


Behaviour Support Services


Parents may experience difficulty in managing children’s behaviour, particularly as children grow up and experiment with pushing the boundaries. School can provide access to support for families who wish to tackle these issues. Please contact Mr Harker, Headteacher, or Mr Qualters, Deputy Headteacher, if you would like further information.

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We are an Operation Encompass school.
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