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Remote Learning

Our children returned to school at the start of the autumn term 2020 and are enjoying their return to learning through our broad and balanced curriculum. 

There may however be periods of time when your child can not attend school as usual. During these times we will deliver a curriculum for you to use to support them as they learn from home.

In setting learning for remote learning at home we aim to:

* ensure children receive clear explanations

* support their learning through scaffolded practice

* give opportunities to apply knowledge and skills

* give children feedback on how to make progress

* enable them to share how they are doing and still feel a part of school

**NEW** Foyer Library

Come along to school during your daily exercise and change your two reading books.

We have a great selection to choose from in our main entrance - socially distanced of course.

Our Remote Learning Provision - click image to open full document
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                What you need to know about home learning                                         Learning during isolation or lockdown

                                                click picture to see whole document                                                                                        click picture to see whole document

The survey you completed following the first lockdown told us that you would prefer to use the Seesaw App alongside printed resources to access learning at home.


If your child has to isolate with their Bubble, or if there is a local lockdown, then you will receive two CGP resource books to use for mathematics and English work. Your child's teacher will also make other resources available to collect from the school office. All tasks will be set on Seesaw, but will be completed on paper or in these workbooks.



You can then simply 'SNAP'                                          a picture of the work and  'Upload'                              to 

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Using Seesaw
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