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Harbour - domestic violence support

Services provided in North Tyneside by Harbour.


  • North Tyneside “CHIDVA” who works specifically with children who have experienced domestic abuse.


  • Harbour offer refuge accommodation in several geographical areas. Here in North Tyneside we have individual accommodation for each family. Support is given to the parent and children to access schools, benefits, housing and any legal requirements including attending court to Immigration issues. This list is not exhaustive, support is given wherever support needs are identified.


  • They also have an Outreach Service providing support to men and women suffering domestic abuse either currently or historically in the community rather than in refuge.


  • There is an IDVA service specific to high risk victims of abuse, referrals generally from Police.


  • They also have Children and Young People’s workers within refuge.


  • Harbour offer a counselling service, group work to raise awareness in domestic abuse, healthy relationships, red flags etc.


  • There is  a Recovery Service when clients are nearing the end of their support process, less structured than Outreach/Refuge.

  • There is also a DAN worker, specific to victims with complex needs such as drug/alcohol misuse, mental health issues and housing






Harbour Domestic Abuse Complex Needs Worker Children & Young People (DAN CYP)


What is this service:-

  • Supports victims of domestic abuse who also have additional complex needs and the children (aged 3-17) who are in their care.

  • It is intensive support and not time-limited.

  • For children and young people to access this service their parent/carer are required to be engaging with the Assertive Domestic Abuse worker.


Criteria for children & young people to access support


  • Has experienced/experiencing domestic abuse within the last 3 months.

  • Has severe mental health concerns for example, risk of self-harm or suicide, extreme low mood, anxiety.

  • Has issues with substance and alcohol misuse.

  • Lack of engagement with support services.

  • Has learning disabilities.

  • Is part of LGBTQ+ community.

  • Is part of Travelling community.

  • Is a high risk DV case with unsolved immigration issues.

  • Families experiencing above issues with involvement with children’s services.


Where parents give consent for this support to take place children and young people can access:

  • One to one sessions for emotional support (within school or a place of safety)

  • Group sessions (where appropriate for the child)

  • Family sessions

  • All the above will promote the child’s education, health, network, mental wellbeing and safety


We will use a Children and Young People’s ‘Wellbeing Wheel’ as a monitoring and evaluation tool to ensure the support is meeting the needs of the child.

How to refer: Via email or telephone.

All referrals will be assessed by workers and North Tyneside Service Manager to ensure this is the most appropriate support for this Parent/Child & Young Person.

Sara-Jayne Mackay

0778 9393 359    /  

Claire Jewson

0734 1487 331    /  

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