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Attendance & Punctuality

Attendance is extremely important – children only get one chance at school. If your child is ill and can not attend school, please telephone us on the first day of absence with the reason. The telephone number is 0191 234 2676. If for any reason you can not contact us, we will telephone you to find out the problem. This is called our ‘First Day Response’.


If you wish to request leave of absence for your child, you must complete a leave of absence form (available from the school office) which must be submitted 6 weeks prior to the absence.


Please note that governors do not authorise holidays during term-time.


The governors support a school attendance target set at 96%


Mrs McAvoy, School Administrator is responsible for day to day attendance.

Mr Qualters, Deputy Headteacher is the Senior Leader responsible for Attendance.​


Please see below for the Leave of Absence Permission Request Form which you can download, print and fill in. It is essential as it outlines the penalty notice for taking taking a child out of school on holiday.


For your child to get the best start in life they need to receive an education.  It's really important to attend regularly in nursery and reception to ensure good habits are developed for life.

Why Attendance is so Important for your Child...

Research shows that children with poor attendance are at a disadvantage later in life.  

They often...

  • Are less likely to gain good qualifications

  • Find it harder to make and maintain friendships

  • earn lower wages

  • Have a higher chance of being unemployed

  • Have less confidence


Poor attendance and punctuality even at the earliest age, can affect achievement later in life.  Establishing good habits from the start helps children to settle more quickly into new settings and routines.


What Must I do if my Child is Absent... 

  • Parents/Carers must telephone on the day if their child is absent.  The earlier the better.

  • You must keep the school informed  and let them know of the return date.

Holidays in school time are not authorised as they seriously disrupt the continuity of your child's learning.

Parents can be issued with a penalty notice (fine) for taking their children on holiday during term time.

To inform the school office of your child's absence, please call 0191 234 2676

Attendance policy

Attendance Position Statement on Term Time Holidays

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